A project by Hilary Powell in collaboration with the people, materials and landscapes of Purfleet she meets along the way 


Stephen Cripp's studio award


The project is supported through the 2016-17 Stephen Cripps’ Studio Award, a major creative development opportunity based at High House Production Park in Thurrock, awarded to artist Hilary Powell. Supported by The Henry Moore Foundation, High House Production Park Ltd and Stephen Cripps’ family, it forms part of Acme’s Residency & Awards Programme.

Named in memory of a pioneering ‘pyrotechnic sculptor’ the award encourages the selected artist to take risks, to challenge both themselves and their practice. It also allows for creative collaboration between the Park partners: High House Production Park Ltd, the Royal Opera House Bob and Tamar Manoukian Production Workshop & Bob and Tamar Manoukian Costume Centre, South Essex College, the National Skills Academy Creative & Cultural Backstage Training Centre and Acme.

More information on Hilary Powell at www.hilarypowell.com




A trolley load of Purfleet chalk is turning white cube to black box and mind/location map evolving to host the studio sessions of the ‘Boom and Bust Symphonia’ - live foley sound studio for the visionary landscape captured and created over the year and open to the public. 








Anna Russell’s parodic sketch and Bernard Shaw’s reading of Wagner’s epic ‘Der Ring des Niebelungen’ as a ‘poetic vision of unregulated industrial capitalism’ inspires this alternative ring cycle constructing and filming absurd, beautiful scenarios and temporary interventions in the strangely sublime and elemental landscape of Purfleet, just within London's outer ring - the M25. Filming is now completed and editing beginning ready to work to picture on the soundtrack from May to July. Production still photographs by Tony O'Brien and Hilary Powell.  



Field recordings will fuse with live foley studio experiments to create the soundtrack to a film symphony of the beautiful, absurd and operatic landscape created and captured over this year.


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